Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy New Year's, Eve! - New Release

Newest Release!

Whoever said girls never make the first move…
Eve Stanton channels the undisputed sexiest woman ever to catch the eye of her gorgeous neighbor, Clay NewMiller. Dressing as Marilyn Monroe for a New Year's costume party, Eve is ready to take on anyone, even the biggest player of them all--the boy next door, dressed as a delectable Joe DiMaggio.

…has obviously never met Eve.
It's going to take more than a player like Joe DiMaggio to win over someone like Marilyn Monroe. Will they find their happily ever after this time?

New Release coming soon from Boroughs Publishing Group

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Release - Patience is Their Virtue (BB3)

Patience is Their Virtue (MFM)
Patience is Their Virtue (MFM)
Brides of Bachelor Bay 3

By: Eve Adams | Other books by Eve Adams
Categories: Erotic Romance, Historical, Menage a Trois/Quatre
Word Count: 43,000
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

Patience is Their Virtue (MFM)

Available in:

Mobipocket, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, EPUB

Price: $5.99

Cover Art by Les Byerley

Patience Weber has no intention of marrying any of the bachelors

and instead uses the passage to the Washington Territory to

escape her penniless life in Boston. She never intended to catch

the eye of Adam Steele and his mysterious manservant, Raven.

When she does, her secret is blown and the brothers who paid for

her passage insist on repayment. With no way to repay the debt

she's incurred, Adam makes her an offer she has no choice but to

accept—marry him, live in the house he shares with his brother,

and he'll pay off her debt. She agrees and discovers that Adam

shares more than the house with his brother. The brothers learn

that falling in love with Patience is their virtue.

In an era where land is as unsettled as the times, these brave

brides fight for their right to live and love—always in threes.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Now Available!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

NEW RELEASE May 9th - TRIO, book 1 in the GR Series

Eve Adams is back!

Yes, it's been a year almost to the day since you've seen a new release from Eve Adams. Well, the wait is over, my friends. Finally, a new series to sink your teeth into. Trio is the first in a four book series, introducing you to the sexy side of Montana and the cowboys who keep it wild.

Welcome to the Gideon's Ranch & Lodge, a couple's retreat with a twist. At the GR&L, couples (and singles) are invited to enjoy a weekend of rest, relaxation, and menage romance so hot it sizzles the pages. So come to the ranch's meet and greet, grab yourself a soothing drink, and decide whether you want to pin your mates or be pinned yourself.

A ménage ranch… Four sexy brothers… One unforgettable weekend. Visit the Gideon's Ranch & Lodge, where guests always leave with a smile.

Gideon's Ring 1

By: Eve Adams | Other books by Eve Adams |
Categories: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 69,064
Heat Level: SEXTREME
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

AVAILABLE: Monday, May 9th

This new release is offered at a 10% discount for one week.

[#399 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, BDSM, public exhibition, sex toys]

As the general manager of a ménage retreat ranch, it's Barrett Gideon's job to make sure everyone leaves the ranch with a smile. When sexy Sarah Emerson visits the ranch looking for a weekend partner or two, Barrett pins Sarah and invites his cousin, Chris, to complete the TRIO. Together they take Sarah to new heights, fully intending to leave her at the end of the weekend as they do every guest. But the boys didn't count on Sarah attaching herself to their souls, just as much as Sarah didn't plan to fall in love with the surly duo.

When a thief sets his sights on the ranch, the Gideons are too late to stop him. Sarah asks her big brother for help getting the Gideons their money back. Norris Emerson and Amber Dalton return from Riding Cowboys to help Sarah and the Gideon's pull off the ultimate con.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Available in: Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB, Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Reader, HTML, Mobipocket, EPUB

Price: $6.29

Cover Art by Allie K. Adams

To read an exciting excerpt, please click here

Other books by Allie's naughtier alter ego, Eve:

"Between the Covers", Menage Amour - 5 Stars & Recommended Read!
"Riding Cowboys", Menage & More - 5 Dark Divas & Recommended Read!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Have you found your true love?

Your First Love

Do you remember your first love? I'm not talking about your first kiss, or your first... ahem... never mind. I'm talking about your first, can't-stop-thinking-about, can't-imagine-living-without, true to your heart, love. I'll give you a moment to recall that one person or persons you still think about every now and then. Got him/her? Great, moving on...

I had three great loves. I met my first love in seventh grade (yes, I know) and he was utterly perfect in every way. I'll call him 'T' to protect his privacy, just in case there are several out there who know him. I was over the moon for him. So much, in fact, that I gave myself a homemade tattoo (not my brightest move) of his name. We started "going" together and stayed together until he moved away the summer before we went into the ninth grade. I was devastated and swore I'd never love again. It just hurt too much. When you are only fifteen and have your heart ripped out for the first time, you literally believe your world is crashing in around you. I cried that entire summer.

And then I met 'M' as a senior in high school. 'M' was an older man--okay, so he graduated before me, but still--and I fell hard. 'M' and I worked together and immediately hit it off. He pursued me and I have to admit, a girl likes the attention. Eventually I said yes to a date, and BOOM! I was a goner. We moved in together after high school and I thought it couldn't get any better. We were in love, blissfully happy, playing house, etc... 'M' was my first grown-up love, my first at making love, and my first at so many other things. To an eighteen-year-old, when you find that one love, you are positive you don't need anything else. Even as things started to fall apart between us, I refused to believe it. We were perfect for each other, so how could he possibly not love me any longer?

'M' revealed his true colors on my nineteenth birthday. I came home from work fully expecting him there with flowers, or dinner made, or something. He wasn't even there. I called his friend, who told me 'M' was there, but didn't want to talk to me, that he just wanted a night away from me. On my birthday. Okay, I thought, everyone needs space. I went to my parents' house, but they were out. I was alone on my birthday and miserable as I drove back to my ignorantly blissful life with 'M'. He was home when I returned and said those four words no one wants to hear. "We need to talk." He then proceeded to inform me that I was loud, obnoxious, immature, and that he didn't like the fact that my jeans were starting to get tight. "You need to work out more. I don't want you getting fat." Well, well, well. He didn't want me to get fat. He didn't like me. What he loved about me in the beginning (You are so fun! I love that you aren't afraid to be yourself.) now irritated him. I was broken. Completely, no holds barred, broken.

It took me time to stop crying over 'M'. I told myself I wouldn't cry over another man. Screw it. It wasn't worth it. I didn't need love. I was a strong, independent woman. I'd go back to school, get a fabulous degree, and never look back...

And then I met 'D'. Oh, did I meet 'D'. I didn't just meet him. I was blown away by him. I'd never seen a man look so good in Wranglers and cowboy boots. He raced jeeps off road, he love to dance like a fool, and didn't have any problem being the same person in public as he was in private. Having been burned before, I was leery of getting involved in another relationship, but the heart wants what it wants. I fell in love with 'D'. He drove me crazy, both in a good and bad way. Spending one day with 'D' blew the socks off all the time I spent with 'M' or 'T'. I realize now that the feelings I had for 'T' or 'M' pale in comparison to the feelings I have for 'D'.

I'm still with 'D', after eighteen years, and he still gives me delicious chills when he comes up behind me and nuzzles my neck. I still get butterflies when I see him. We still cuddle, kiss (which totally grosses out the kids!), and are really, truly in love. He is the inspiration for all the heroes in my stories. Don't believe me? Read the first in my NASSD Counter-Terrorist Agency series, AT ANY COST.

I realize now how much fun it is to be in love when both parties feel the same. If you haven't found that first true love yet, I hope you do soon. There's nothing like it.

"At Any Cost", Siren Publishing
"Seek and Destroy", Siren Publishing

The Midnight Seduction Authors are celebrating romance by hosting these '12 Days of Love' blogs that you've seen all over the internet. We are throwing a huge all-day-chat bash on February 13, 2010, from 10am EST to 10pm EST. Prizes will be given away every hour on the hour. Excerpts, recipes, jokes and romance tips will be posted throughout the day.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Get ready for RIDING COWBOYS!

Riding Cowboys
Riding Series

By: Eve Adams | Other books by Eve Adams
Categories: EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 24,446
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

COMING SOON: This title is due for release late 2009.

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboys Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Amber Dalton has been in love with sexy Norris Emerson since they first met. She'd give anything to be a permanent fixture in his life, but whenever she mentions their relationship, or lack thereof, he runs away. Maybe she should give up on Norris and finally accept her old high school flame's invitation to accompany him to The Roadhouse -- an elite club where alternative love is not only accepted, but openly practiced.

Amber's sexual allure intoxicates Norris, but her appetite is more than he can satisfy. Alone. Knowing she's never lost her interest in Brett Fields, an old boyfriend, Norris devises a plan to bring the three of them together, not only for the night, but for their happily ever after.

Brett Fields is more than happy to accept both Norris and Amber to his roadhouse. With Norris' help, they'll show Amber why love is best served in threes.

"In keeping with the theme of my Riding Series, Riding Cowboys is set in Holston, MT, where ménage relationships are the norm. I've also brought back the characters from the other Riding Series books to give you an update on their lives. I hope you enjoy Riding Cowboys and add it to your collection of favorites." ~ Eve ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

Riding Cowboys

Available in: N/A

Price: $4.50

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Cover Art by Allie K. Adams

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How much sex is too much?

Today I decided to blog about sex. How much is too much sex? Is that even possible? Based on the genre, the answer is both yes and no.

I write very blistering menages under the pen name of Eve Adams. It isn't unusual for sex to happen within the first two chapters. If it doesn't, the characters are at least imagining it happening. Are the first couple of chapters too soon to have your characters engage in sexual congress? No way. When a reader picks up a menage, they know they are going to get sex more than M/F, and they know they are going to get a lot of it. Have you ever read a tame menage? I didn't think so.

In Under the Covers, my heroine works in a "gentlemen's club" as a courtesan. My alpha hero is an undercover agent working the nightclub scene to seek out a killer. He sees her and BAM! He has to have her. They don't have sex right away, but they are definitely... ahem... hands on by chapter two. When the beta hero makes his appearance, the three of them really crank up the heat. None of them knew each other before meeting in the club, so I didn't want them just jumping into the sack. However, she is working as a courtesan and there is an expectation that she will perform. Believe you me, she doesn't disappoint. Over. And over. And over.

Riding Double takes a different approach. The heroine already knows both her heroes. She's a wildcat who loves to raise hell. The very first scene she starts a bar fight with the hero, just to turn her on. What results is HOT sex up against a...well, you get the idea. This is all by the end of chapter two. By the time they make it back to the ranch, where the other hero awaits, she's ready to pick another fight, just to turn her on again, and pull hero #2 into her wild game. Together, the two cowboys teach her how to ride double. Lots of sex, from start to finish.

I also write sizzling romantic suspense as Allie K. Adams. Although the sex isn't any less hot than my menages, it is strictly between a man and woman, and the story builds up to the actual deed.

In At Any Cost, the heroine is a rookie agent desperate to prove to her idol that she has what it takes to be part of the elite team. Her idol is a seasoned agent who not only thinks she'd be better off working at McDonalds, he doesn't trust her any further than he can throw her. The only problem is, he also thinks she's the funniest, sexiest agent he's ever seen and can't help but fall in love with her. It makes for great tension the entire story watching these two deny their feelings while at the same time saving the world. They save the actual act until midway through the book. There four sex scenes in the entire book because it isn't the focus of the book.

Seek and Destroy is the second in the series. The hero and heroine still must save the world (it is, after all, romantic suspense), but instead of them working for the same agency as the agents did in the first book, they work for rivaling agencies that form an unlikely alliance to catch a madman before he strikes again. The agents try to out do each other the entire book. It also makes for great tension watching them work through their issues. These two agents end up in the sack sooner than later, and keep the heat going throughout the entire book. Still, sex isn't the focus of the book.

That's what really sets stories apart. Is it sex for the sake of sex? Romantica? Menage? You expect to read graphic, explicit sex scenes when you read erotica. You don't when you read mainstream. If you picked up a mainstream story and it was sex, sex, and more sex, you'd probably be disappointed. Same goes for erotica. If you pick up an erotica story and there were maybe two sex scenes in the entire book, you'd probably throw the damn thing across the room.

When you pick up a book by Allie K. Adams, you know it is going to be a hot romantic suspense between a man and a woman. It is more mainstream, less sex, but not at all light on the sexual tension. When you read Eve Adams, you are assured the menage stories will be hot, will have multiple partners, and will be full of sex.

It's all about the genre.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Let's have a party!

It's Cinco De Mayo!!! What better reason to have a party where we don't have to dye the Chicago River green?

Do you know the origin of Cinco De Mayo?

Most get this wrong. It isn't the Mexican Independence Day. That is September 16th. No, the 5th of May is in celebration of the victory of Mexican soldiers defeating the French forces in 1862. The Mexican soldiers were outnumbers 2 to 1 and they still defeated the French. The moral of this story? Never underestimate the underdog!

In celebration of the underdog, I'm having a fiesta tonight at my house. I thought, why not have a virtual fiesta here? So let's do it! Do you have a yummy recipe to share? I'm making fajitas for dinner and you're all invited! We'll be doing tequila shots (ooohhh Wendi Darlin??? Where are you?) and I'm sure it will get a little wild (stay off the tables, ladies and gents, until after dark so the neighbors don't talk).

I say we start off with a Mexican Coffee (recipe follows) as I know those are Jami Davenport's fav. This recipe leaves out the most important ingredient--TEQUILA! But you can add yours to taste... Here's to everyone here! Salud!!!

Makes 6 (1-cup) servings.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
3/4 cup ground dark roast coffee (regular or decaffeinated)
2 teaspoons McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground
6 cups water
1 cup milk
1/3 cup chocolate syrup
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 teaspoon McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
Whipped cream (optional)

"At Any Cost", Siren Publishing
"Seek and Destroy", Siren Publishing