Monday, October 26, 2009

Get ready for RIDING COWBOYS!

Riding Cowboys
Riding Series

By: Eve Adams | Other books by Eve Adams
Categories: EROTIC Romance Menage a Trois/Quatre Western/Cowboys
Word Count: 24,446
Published By: Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.

COMING SOON: This title is due for release late 2009.

[Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboys Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M]

Amber Dalton has been in love with sexy Norris Emerson since they first met. She'd give anything to be a permanent fixture in his life, but whenever she mentions their relationship, or lack thereof, he runs away. Maybe she should give up on Norris and finally accept her old high school flame's invitation to accompany him to The Roadhouse -- an elite club where alternative love is not only accepted, but openly practiced.

Amber's sexual allure intoxicates Norris, but her appetite is more than he can satisfy. Alone. Knowing she's never lost her interest in Brett Fields, an old boyfriend, Norris devises a plan to bring the three of them together, not only for the night, but for their happily ever after.

Brett Fields is more than happy to accept both Norris and Amber to his roadhouse. With Norris' help, they'll show Amber why love is best served in threes.

"In keeping with the theme of my Riding Series, Riding Cowboys is set in Holston, MT, where ménage relationships are the norm. I've also brought back the characters from the other Riding Series books to give you an update on their lives. I hope you enjoy Riding Cowboys and add it to your collection of favorites." ~ Eve ~

A Siren Erotic Romance

Riding Cowboys

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Cover Art by Allie K. Adams

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How much sex is too much?

Today I decided to blog about sex. How much is too much sex? Is that even possible? Based on the genre, the answer is both yes and no.

I write very blistering menages under the pen name of Eve Adams. It isn't unusual for sex to happen within the first two chapters. If it doesn't, the characters are at least imagining it happening. Are the first couple of chapters too soon to have your characters engage in sexual congress? No way. When a reader picks up a menage, they know they are going to get sex more than M/F, and they know they are going to get a lot of it. Have you ever read a tame menage? I didn't think so.

In Under the Covers, my heroine works in a "gentlemen's club" as a courtesan. My alpha hero is an undercover agent working the nightclub scene to seek out a killer. He sees her and BAM! He has to have her. They don't have sex right away, but they are definitely... ahem... hands on by chapter two. When the beta hero makes his appearance, the three of them really crank up the heat. None of them knew each other before meeting in the club, so I didn't want them just jumping into the sack. However, she is working as a courtesan and there is an expectation that she will perform. Believe you me, she doesn't disappoint. Over. And over. And over.

Riding Double takes a different approach. The heroine already knows both her heroes. She's a wildcat who loves to raise hell. The very first scene she starts a bar fight with the hero, just to turn her on. What results is HOT sex up against a...well, you get the idea. This is all by the end of chapter two. By the time they make it back to the ranch, where the other hero awaits, she's ready to pick another fight, just to turn her on again, and pull hero #2 into her wild game. Together, the two cowboys teach her how to ride double. Lots of sex, from start to finish.

I also write sizzling romantic suspense as Allie K. Adams. Although the sex isn't any less hot than my menages, it is strictly between a man and woman, and the story builds up to the actual deed.

In At Any Cost, the heroine is a rookie agent desperate to prove to her idol that she has what it takes to be part of the elite team. Her idol is a seasoned agent who not only thinks she'd be better off working at McDonalds, he doesn't trust her any further than he can throw her. The only problem is, he also thinks she's the funniest, sexiest agent he's ever seen and can't help but fall in love with her. It makes for great tension the entire story watching these two deny their feelings while at the same time saving the world. They save the actual act until midway through the book. There four sex scenes in the entire book because it isn't the focus of the book.

Seek and Destroy is the second in the series. The hero and heroine still must save the world (it is, after all, romantic suspense), but instead of them working for the same agency as the agents did in the first book, they work for rivaling agencies that form an unlikely alliance to catch a madman before he strikes again. The agents try to out do each other the entire book. It also makes for great tension watching them work through their issues. These two agents end up in the sack sooner than later, and keep the heat going throughout the entire book. Still, sex isn't the focus of the book.

That's what really sets stories apart. Is it sex for the sake of sex? Romantica? Menage? You expect to read graphic, explicit sex scenes when you read erotica. You don't when you read mainstream. If you picked up a mainstream story and it was sex, sex, and more sex, you'd probably be disappointed. Same goes for erotica. If you pick up an erotica story and there were maybe two sex scenes in the entire book, you'd probably throw the damn thing across the room.

When you pick up a book by Allie K. Adams, you know it is going to be a hot romantic suspense between a man and a woman. It is more mainstream, less sex, but not at all light on the sexual tension. When you read Eve Adams, you are assured the menage stories will be hot, will have multiple partners, and will be full of sex.

It's all about the genre.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Let's have a party!

It's Cinco De Mayo!!! What better reason to have a party where we don't have to dye the Chicago River green?

Do you know the origin of Cinco De Mayo?

Most get this wrong. It isn't the Mexican Independence Day. That is September 16th. No, the 5th of May is in celebration of the victory of Mexican soldiers defeating the French forces in 1862. The Mexican soldiers were outnumbers 2 to 1 and they still defeated the French. The moral of this story? Never underestimate the underdog!

In celebration of the underdog, I'm having a fiesta tonight at my house. I thought, why not have a virtual fiesta here? So let's do it! Do you have a yummy recipe to share? I'm making fajitas for dinner and you're all invited! We'll be doing tequila shots (ooohhh Wendi Darlin??? Where are you?) and I'm sure it will get a little wild (stay off the tables, ladies and gents, until after dark so the neighbors don't talk).

I say we start off with a Mexican Coffee (recipe follows) as I know those are Jami Davenport's fav. This recipe leaves out the most important ingredient--TEQUILA! But you can add yours to taste... Here's to everyone here! Salud!!!

Makes 6 (1-cup) servings.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
3/4 cup ground dark roast coffee (regular or decaffeinated)
2 teaspoons McCormick® Cinnamon, Ground
6 cups water
1 cup milk
1/3 cup chocolate syrup
2 tablespoons light brown sugar
1 teaspoon McCormick® Pure Vanilla Extract
Whipped cream (optional)

"At Any Cost", Siren Publishing
"Seek and Destroy", Siren Publishing

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It ain't easy being green...

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I decided to blog on what it means to be green. Sure, we can all wear green, drink green beer, and even swim in the green Chicago River (though I wouldn't recommend it) on St. Patrick's Day. But what does it mean to be green?

When I decided to sell to an e-publisher instead of a traditional NY publisher, the decision wasn't made lightly. I've always had the dream of walking into a bookstore and seeing my books on the shelves. It is the dream of any writer.

So I started doing my research on traditional NY houses. I learned about advances, which thrilled me. Being paid upfront for work not even out, yet? Where do I sign! But then I learned about returns, and print runs, and all that goes along with that. I was shocked. Traditional publishers print a run of several thousand books right out of the gate with no guarantee even one will sell. This not only ties up a heck of a lot of money in overhead, it also wastes valuable resources (paper, chemicals, time, etc.). If the books don't sell, we now have several thousand books in a landfill somewhere. That's right. They just toss them out.

Are ya kiddin me? In this day of the digital age it just doesn't make much sense to me, which is why I turned to e-publishing. It made more sense, and is the more Earth-friendly approach.

An e-publisher has an online bookstore. All of their books are available on demand, downloadable immediately after purchase. No paper necessary. No landfills involved if the book doesn't sell well. And, if you're lucky enough, your book still goes to print, just in a much greener way. I say it's about time we take a closer look at how we can all be green...

There is a new trend sweeping the publishing industry. Well, actually it isn't new at all. It's been around for some time, but it's just now catching on (finally)! It's called Print On Demand, or POD.

Print On Demand with digital technology is used as a way of printing items on demand. In other words, unlike a traditional print run publisher, POD will only print the book when it has been ordered. POD has many benefits. Some of them are:
· You can still order books that otherwise would have been out of print and no longer available. As long as that book is in digital format, it will always be available.
· Large inventories of a book or print material do not need to be kept in stock, reducing storage, handling costs, and inventory accounting costs.
· There is little or no waste from unsold products.
· POD advantages reduce the risks associated with publishing books and prints and can lead to increased choices for consumers.

I'm doing my part at being green, or at least trying. I still eat off paper plates, use paper towels, and forget to turn the light off as I leave the room. Still, every little bit helps. I'm not going to chain myself to a tree to show my "greener" side, but by choosing an Earth-friendly publisher and buying e-books to read on my e-reader, I am showing that I at least do have one.

~Allie K. Adams~
"At Any Cost", Siren
"Seek And Destroy", Siren
"Under the Covers", Menage Amour
"Riding Double", Menage Amour- ComingSoon

Friday, February 27, 2009

UNDER THE COVERS now out - by Eve Adams

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the dark world of Seattle's underground nightlife? In the newest release by Allie K. Adams, w/a Eve Adams, you'll find out!

UNDER THE COVERS is the first in the "Covert Lovers" series -- a new series in the Menage Amour line with Siren Publishing.

Desperate to find her missing sister, Mia Andrews follows her trail to an underground sex ring where women are sold off every night. Under cover as a courtesan, the only way to find her sister is to go in with no holds barred.

Undercover Agent Wayde Davis bids on the sexy-as-sin Mia the instant she wobbles out onto the stage in 4-inch stilettos. She fits the profile of the missing women and may be next. If protecting her means taking her to bed, he'd be more than willing to make that sacrifice.

Painfully shy, high-roller James Pearce wants the beautiful Mia as his permanent courtesan. He also knows his unique fetish requires the help of another man, one so taken with Mia he's willing to do anything to stay by her side--even share her.

Her desperation drives her into both their arms. Her pleasure drives them all to the boiling point!In the dark world of underground sex clubs, there is more to lose than your innocence when working UNDER (the) COVER(s)...

I hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What is erotic romance? How about erotica?

No purple prose here. No suggestive words at what they are doing behind closed doors. Not even a hint. When you write erotic romance/erotica, you leave nothing to the imagination. Everything is spelled out in black and white for the reader to see.

I write HOT erotic adventure/suspense. I also write erotica under the pen name Eve Adams. It's hard to write in a genre my twelve and sixteen year olds can't read (because I won't let them for obvious reasons). My husband LOVES to read them (again, for obvious reasons)!

When I sold my first book AT ANY COST back in March 2008, it was really more of a mainstream romance. There were love scenes, but they were mild at best. My publisher asked me to "steam" them up as hotter romances always sell better. So I did. I never knew I'd have such a great time writing that HOT. Now that I've given in to the "dark side" of romance, I'm never turning back. I absolutely love writing HOT romance. Take a look at SEEK AND DESTROY and you'll see what I mean. My first NASSD Counter-terrorist Agency book was hot, but the second one catches fire!

Erotic romance/erotica isn't for everyone. There are terms in the books that would stop the heart if the reader is offended by explicit words. The graphic love scenes are meant to stimulate the senses. If that is not what you like to read, then stay clear of erotic romance/erotica.

I'd like to delve deeper into what erotic romance/erotica is and what it isn't. It isn't pornography, much to the contrary of those advocating against the genre. It isn't stories exploiting woman (or men). It is a genre centered around the relationships of the characters--their trials and tribulations, their conflict and resolution. Romance is the central theme. It is the pursuit of the proverbial HEA, aka Happily Ever After.

I love writing stories about characters who get into adventurous situations just to see how they'll get out of them. These characters play hard, love even harder, and never back away from what is the right thing to do. All of my books have the same thing in common: they all have the HEA.

If you are curious about erotic romance/erotica, I urge you to pick up a story and read it. Who knows, you may fall in love with the genre and find yourself a lifelong fan. All it takes is that first taste of the "dark side" and you'll be hooked. :-)


Allie K. Adams write erotic romance, and also writes erotica under the pen name Eve Adams. She lives in southwest Montana with her family. As the neighborhood mom, she always has a houseful of kids, and is always fighting the losing battle of keeping the fridge stocked when there are that many mouths to feed. When she isn't working full-time (60+ hours per week), or writing, she's outside riding her ATV/Snowmobile, depending on the season. She is also an avid volunteer for the local Search and Rescue. Allie loves to hear from readers, so please drop her a line!

~Allie K. Adams~

"At Any Cost", Siren - Available NOW
"Seek And Destroy", Siren - Available NOW
"Rescue Me", Siren - Early 2009