Friday, February 27, 2009

UNDER THE COVERS now out - by Eve Adams

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the dark world of Seattle's underground nightlife? In the newest release by Allie K. Adams, w/a Eve Adams, you'll find out!

UNDER THE COVERS is the first in the "Covert Lovers" series -- a new series in the Menage Amour line with Siren Publishing.

Desperate to find her missing sister, Mia Andrews follows her trail to an underground sex ring where women are sold off every night. Under cover as a courtesan, the only way to find her sister is to go in with no holds barred.

Undercover Agent Wayde Davis bids on the sexy-as-sin Mia the instant she wobbles out onto the stage in 4-inch stilettos. She fits the profile of the missing women and may be next. If protecting her means taking her to bed, he'd be more than willing to make that sacrifice.

Painfully shy, high-roller James Pearce wants the beautiful Mia as his permanent courtesan. He also knows his unique fetish requires the help of another man, one so taken with Mia he's willing to do anything to stay by her side--even share her.

Her desperation drives her into both their arms. Her pleasure drives them all to the boiling point!In the dark world of underground sex clubs, there is more to lose than your innocence when working UNDER (the) COVER(s)...

I hope you enjoy!!!

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Is there going to be a sequel for James? I want him to have his own story and I want to know what happens to Mia and Wayde after James leaves them.