Saturday, May 17, 2008

Book Trailer for AT ANY COST - actual trailer

I've had a couple people ask if I would post the actual video trailer here instead of the link, so here it is. I would love to hear what you think of this trailer as it is my first one and I want to make one for each of my books. If this totally blows, then I want to know so I don't turn around and make the same type of trailer for SEEK AND DESTROY. However, if you just love it, I'd like to hear that, too!

1 comment:

S F said...

I thought you did a good job. The music drives the urgency of the story, which I think is very important.
I love the "flicker" to "flame" thing a lot.
The timing of it was good.

Things you might consider in the future would be to put a shadow on the text or color the text if the text falls against a white background. Some of the text was lost against the white in some of the pictures.

All in all I think it turned out very well! Good job!