Sunday, May 4, 2008

RESCUE ME picked up by BookStrand!!!

Well, when it happens it happens fast.

BookStrand offered to publish RESCUE ME, my Search And Rescue (SAR) book set in Washington State. Here's a little bio on the book: "Kathryn Davis is the one of the top SAR coordinators in the country. When she finds someone not meant to be found, hears things not meant to be heard, she discovers just how far someone will go to make sure she is silenced. Detective Spencer Allen is the only one who can protect her. They already have a history together, one that did not end well. Can they get along long enough to find out who is trying to kill Kat? Being together again ignites the passion once more, sparking their old flame into an inferno.

I'm very excited and wanted to post the news! Head to my website ( to read more about Kat and Spencer.

That makes three books under contract with high interest in the next book in the NASSD series. Yeah!!!

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