Sunday, May 4, 2008

Finding your Happily Ever After (HEA)

There's been a lot of talk on my author's loop (Gawd, I love saying that! I actually have an author's loop) about romance books and whether or not they should have the proverbial HEA (Happily Ever After). In my opinion, all romance genre books should have the HEA. Here's why:

Years ago I read this book--I don't even remember the name--that not only did not have the HEA, the author killed off the heroine at the end of the book. I was so mad I actually threw the book across the room. I felt cheated. I spent all that time and energy reading that book only to have it end in tragedy! To me, if the hero and heroine do not end up together, that is a tragedy.

So, for those of you looking for your HEA, you can count on them in all of my books. I will never cheat any of my readers by having the book end in tragedy. Sure, they may get shot, thrown out of windows, beaten to a bloody pulp, etc... But they will ALWAYS end up together in the end.

After all, isn't that what HEAs are all about?

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Jami Davenport said...


I'm with you on the HEA. We get enough tragedy in real life, we don't need it in our books if we don't want it.